Affinity Games Holiday Gift Guide Part Two - December 11, 2020

Affinity Games Holiday Gift Guide Part Two - December 11, 2020

Greetings Planeswalkers, Board Gamers, and Hobbyists!

We're back for Part Two of our Holiday Gift Guide for this Holiday Season!

So without further ado, let's continue the list!

Great Gift Ideas
Great Gift Ideas - Oakie Doakie | High Roller's Bundle Dice Set | RPG & D6

You can never go wrong with gifting to an RPG player dice sets! This bundle features Oakie Doakie's branded Speckled D6, Solid D6, and Gemidice RPG Set of 7!

Choose 1 from the available colors per dice set! Limited stocks!

(1) Speckled D6 Set of 12
*Size - 16 mm
*Quantity - 12
Glitter filled D6 dice in different colours
-Light Blue

(1) Solid D6 Set of 12

*Size - 16 mm
*Quantity - 12
Classic one color solid D6 dice

(1) Gemidice RPG Set of 7
- 1x D4
- 1x D6
- 1x D8
- 2x D10(steps of 1 and steps of 10),
- 1x D12
- 1x D20
RPG set with dice that each combine two colours
-Liquid Steel
-Red Sky
-Twilight Stone
-Bloody Jungle

Featured Collectible - Funko Pop!

What we have featured here is a Vaulted(Out-of-Print), Hot Topic Exclusive, Upside Down Olaf! If you are a fan of Frozen, or you know someone who is, this if the perfect gift for them! Start your collection now!

Featured Commander Must-Haves - TCG Player Starter Pack!

Your Commander Player will need to protect his Commander Deck! You can give them the gift of protection with this bundle pack!

1 Ultimate Guard Boulder Deck Box 100+
1 Pack Ultimate Guard Bordifies 100ct
1 Pack Ultra Pro Eclipse Matte Sleeves 100ct

Featured Collection - Board Games!

With the COVID19 situation, a lot of youths have been cooped up at home with only schoolwork and online classes keeping them busy.
Why not introduce into their lives the fun and exciting world of board games!
We have a number of board games, from quick and fast games like Jenga and Uno, to strategic games like Planet, Architects of the West Kingdom, My Little Scythe.

All board games are on sale until the 24th of December!

If you would like to take a look at what else is on sale, Click Here!

Beat the Christmas Shopping Rush and place an order today!
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