Product Description

Choose 1 from the available colors per dice set! Limited stocks!

(1) Speckled D6 Set of 12
*Size - 16 mm
*Quantity - 12
Glitter filled D6 dice in different colours
-Light Blue

(1) Solid D6 Set of 12

*Size - 16 mm
*Quantity - 12
Classic one color solid D6 dice

(1) Gemidice RPG Set of 7
- 1x D4
- 1x D6
- 1x D8
- 2x D10(steps of 1 and steps of 10),
- 1x D12
- 1x D20
RPG set with dice that each combine two colours
-Liquid Steel
-Red Sky
-Twilight Stone
-Bloody Jungle


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