Why Ultimate Guard Boulders +100 are the perfect deck companion.

Why Ultimate Guard Boulders +100 are the perfect deck companion.

Are you looking for a deck box that will last the longest and provide the best value you for your money?  Affinity Games has found a deck box that will help you protect your collectible cards.

The Ultimate Guard Boulder 100+ is your storage solution. 

This box holds 100+ Double Sleeved CCGs (Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon or Card Fight Vanguard). 

***It will help to remove any excess air from the inner sleeves to achieve this in most deck boxes.***

Ultimate Guard Boulder 100+

In the past, I had always used the old Ultra Pro Magnetic Mana Series deck boxes.  Over time those boxes do not hold up to the wear and tear of opening and travel in a backpack.  They were great at the time, but living in a tropical climate does produce unnecessary heat on this box and the glue will slowly fade over time.

Before Use:Ultra Pro Mana Series Deck Box
After Use:

Destroyed Ultra Pro Deck Box

At their time, these were the best a Collectible Card Game player could get.  Easy to transport, solid feel and held more cards then the cheaper plastic deck boxes.  However, over multiple tournaments and casual playtesting sessions these boxes just did not hold up. 

Ultimate Guard launches a competing brand 

Ultimate Guard

German engineering reshaped how the hobby industry looked at storage and collecting with their streamlined design.

Ultimate Guard Boulder 100+Ultimate Guard Boulder 100+

The simple use of opening and closing lid with a split shell design, allows you to mix and match colors or keep them mono-colored.

Ultimate Guard Deck box merged colors

If you are looking for a deck box or on the fences about getting one, I would come to take a look at these wonderful items here

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