THE LEGENDS OF KALDHEIM By Ari Zirulnik and Jenna Helland

THE LEGENDS OF KALDHEIM By Ari Zirulnik and Jenna Helland


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Posted in Feature on January 21, 2021

By Ari Zirulnik and Jenna Helland

Kaldheim is a plane of gods and tales of valor. It only stands to reason that it is jam-packed with legendary creatures. While not every legend appears in the excellent Kaldheim web fiction, we wanted to give you a little backstory on all of them so that when you make them your commander or pick them in a draft, you'll know exactly who you're charging into battle with.


Alrund, God of the Cosmos

Alrund is the God of Wisdom. He was born wise, but that meant he was wise enough to know that he didn't know everything. So, in his youth, he undertook a quest to become the wisest being in all the realms.

When the Cosmos monsters came into being, all the secrets of the world—including events that had not yet happened—were locked away inside their minds. By making every Cosmos monster submit to him one by one over the course of centuries, Alrund was able to take their secrets from them. Much to his disappointment, this long quest did not make him truly omniscient, enlightening as it was. Kaldheim still holds secrets he hasn't learned.

Depending on his mood, Alrund wavers between distinct personalities. When he's pondering something important, he is distant and speaks only in insufferable, maddening riddles. But when he's happy and relaxed, he is excellent company: an accomplished storyteller and entertainer who loves a good feast.

Alrund, God of the Cosmos
Hakka, Whispering Raven
Showcase Alrund, God of the Cosmos
Showcase Hakka, Whispering Raven

Reidane, God of the Worthy

Reidane is the God of Justice. Youthful, arrogant, and fanatical, Reidane is extremely zealous in her pursuit of, well, justice. Once she has made up her mind about an issue, she never wavers in her judgement. Her conception of justice revolves around "fairness," which to her means that every injustice must be paid in a sacrifice of equivalent value—including blood. This belief is echoed in the Code of the Clans of Bretagard and practiced by most of the human clans. Reidane willingly aids mortals who can convince her they are owed a blood debt that has not yet been paid, and she has special regard for the Beskir clan, whose founding leader once saved Alrund's life.

Reidane, God of the Worthy
Valkmira, Protector's Shield
Showcase Reidane, God of the Worthy
Showcase Valkmira, Protector's Shield

Cosima, God of the Voyage

Cosima is the God of the Sea. She is intensely curious and tempestuous and can't stand being in one place for too long. She calls herself the daughter of the sea, where she first came into being, rather than counting the other elder Skoti as her kin. Cosima does not live with the rest of the gods, but she comes back occasionally and is welcome to stay in the Gods' Hall as long as she likes.

Cosima was born as a Cosmos monster—a great dolphin who swam through the auroras between the realms—but when she crossed into the Gods' Realm, she took human form and claimed divinity. She and Alrund had three children (Toralf, Birgi, and Kolvori), and they lived together in the Gods' Hall for twenty years, which is still the longest she has ever stayed in one place. But she never stopped hearing the call of the sea, and eventually she left the Hall to return from whence she came.

As soon as she dips under the waves, Cosima takes the form of a dolphin again, swimming freely and joyfully through the oceans of all the realms. Some suspect that she spends most of her time in Littjara among the mysterious shapeshifters, but no one really knows where she goes during her long absences from the Gods' Realm.

Cosima, God of the Voyage
The Omenkeel
Showcase Cosima, God of the Voyage
Showcase The Omenkeel

Egon, God of Death

Egon is one of the oldest of the Skoti. However, he ages backward, giving him the appearance—and the bitter, negative attitude—of a teenage boy. Caustic and pessimistic, he constantly predicts the downfall of the Skoti. Due to his youthful visage, the other gods sometimes fail to take him seriously, which is a source of bitter resentment for him. He believes that the Skoti are more occupied with petty squabbling than ruling the realms and thinks their downfall is imminent, probably at the hands of the elves.

During the Skoti's war with the Einir, Egon tricked King Narfi, the king of Karfell, into giving him control of an army of the dead. This grisly gift turned the tide of battle in favor of the Skoti. In honor of this feat, he became god of all the dead and spends most of his time in Istfell among the spirits of the fallen. Now he proclaims himself the Lord High Ruler of the Lands of Istfell and the Dead of All the Realms.

Egon, God of Death
Throne of Death
Showcase Egon, God of Death
Showcase Throne of Death

Tergrid, God of Fright

Tergrid is an accomplished warrior whose shadow has a terrifying life of its own. When she was four years old, it came to life and attempted to strangle her, but even as a young child she was able to battle it for days until she bent it to her will. Now it appears as a towering hooded figure that never speaks, looming behind her or occasionally wrapping its shadowy fingers around her neck. Tergrid pretends it isn't there and lashes out in anger at anyone who acknowledges its presence.

When Tergrid was a baby, she didn't just cry—she wailed in some unknown language that caused temporary madness in anyone who heard it. Now she tries her best to live a normal life, despite the menacing figure that follows her everywhere. Unfortunately, she has the unnerving tendency to blurt out some terrifying omen or threat that cuts conversations short and leaves her listeners rattled for days.

Tergrid, God of Fright
Tergrid's Lantern
Showcase Tergrid, God of Fright
Showcase Tergrid's Lantern

Birgi, God of Storytelling

Fun-loving and charismatic, Birgi is always the center of attention as she travels across the realms. She calls herself the Envoy of the Gods and has declared it her mission to carry "the good fortune of the gods" to less fortunate realms. But everyone knows that the hedonistic Birgi's sole purpose is to find the best feasts and celebrations across the realms and join in the fun.

Birgi is the middle child of Alrund and Cosima, and Toralf's younger sister. While Toralf delights in performing impossible feats, Birgi prefers to boast about what she's supposedly done. She's not above claiming Toralf's feats as her own—for the sake of a good story, of course. She once hired a dwarf skald to follow Toralf around and bring back reports of his mighty deeds. But Toralf, preferring to undertake his heroic exploits alone, got tired of the pesky skald and threw him off a cliff. Birgi's response was to hire a sneakier skald, whom Toralf has yet to detect. Birgi loves to tell stories of these exploits at feasts, and if anyone suspects that she is taking credit for her brother's accomplishments, they tend to enjoy her company too much to care.

Birgi's magic energizes the people around her, quickly transforming a quiet gathering to a rowdy party . . . and eventually to an out-of-control riot.

Birgi, God of Storytelling
Harnfel, Horn of Bounty
Showcase Birgi, God of Storytelling
Showcase Harnfel, Horn of Bounty

Kolvori, God of Kinship

Kolvori is talkative and exuberant, able to speak for hours about the beauty she finds everywhere in nature. She can discourse at length about the drops of water on a spiderweb or her awe at holding a newborn kitten. She keeps the sagas of the Skoti, preserving the memory of her divine family's glorious deeds.

The youngest child of Cosima and Alrund, Kolvori cares deeply about the fate of her divine family. She yearns for them to overcome their differences and grow closer to one another, acting as a mediator when disputes arise. She knows what each one of her siblings and cousins enjoys and leaves them presents in a desperate effort to keep the peace among the gods.

Secretly, Kolvori feels like the Skoti are on the verge of falling apart. Though Egon shares a similar concern, the two gods are so different in personality and outlook that they can barely stand each other's company.

Kolvori, God of Kinship
The Ringhart Crest
Showcase Kolvori, God of Kinship
Showcase The Ringhart Crest

Esika, God of the Tree

The quiet and humble Esika understands the World Tree and the Cosmos better than anyone, even Alrund. She and her sister Tergrid came into being when Alrund used runic magic in an effort to commune with the World Tree. Her deep connection to the World Tree lets her communicate with the Cosmos in ways that she is just beginning to understand—ways that confound even the other gods. What's more, she has walked every realm and knows how each forest connects to the World Tree.

Esika makes the Cosmos Elixir that the gods consume to slow their aging and maintain their supernatural power. She is the only one who knows how to make the elixir, and she's not planning on sharing her secret with anyone.

Esika, God of the Tree
The Prismatic Bridge
Showcase Esika, God of the Tree
Showcase The Prismatic Bridge

Halvar, God of Battle

While Alrund was on his quest to fight every Cosmos monster, he discovered an orphaned baby in a giant eagle's nest on Axgard. Alrund adopted the baby as his son and named him Halvar, but he was too preoccupied with his quest to take the boy back to the Gods' Realm at the time. He left the boy as a ward of the dwarf king for twenty years, until he remembered to come back for him as promised.

Halvar is selfless, stalwart, unwavering, and always the most sensible person in any room. He's an accomplished warrior but is more likely to lead by example than with inspiring speeches. He speaks with a quiet confidence that leads most people to trust him instinctively, especially in times of crisis. Halvar considers himself the protector of the Skoti and acts as their self-appointed bodyguard on their adventures and exploits—even though he'd prefer to stay home.

Halvar, God of Battle
Sword of the Realms
Showcase Halvar, God of Battle
Showcase Sword of the Realms

Valki, God of Lies

Vain and selfish, the trickster Valki causes no end of trouble for the Skoti—quite on purpose. He can be affable and even helpful when he wants to be, but he has done so many deceitful things that no one really trusts anything he says or does.

Valki has always enjoyed pranks, but they have typically been more annoying than cruel. Lately, though, something has changed, and Valki's pranks have become mean-spirited and destructive. The other gods don't know how to keep him under control. Alrund suspects that he is involved in some nefarious plot, but he keeps that belief to himself . . . for now.

What the gods don't know is that the real Valki has been imprisoned on Karfell by a cruel planeswalker, Tibalt, who has taken his place. Tibalt wants to learn about the World Tree for some nefarious purpose and is trying to use Valki's identity to do so. He tried to ingratiate himself with Esika, but the god of the World Tree wanted nothing to do with him. Now he carries out his research on his own, disappearing for long periods of time and only appearing to the other gods when he needs something. Most of the gods find his absence a welcome relief.

Valki, God of Lies
Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor
Showcase Valki, God of Lies
Showcase Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor
Alternate Valki, God of Lies
Alternate Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor

Toralf, God of Fury

Toralf is a fearless risk-taker with a passion for wild feats and saga-worthy adventures. His power over thunder grants him the ability to call down a devastating blow upon his enemies, but he has no interest in waging war—he would much rather spend his time seeking out new and exciting challenges.

Toralf has won renown for repeatedly doing the impossible. He plucked a hair off the head of Metar, the largest frost giant in Surtland. He carved his mark on the shell of the Chasm Beast that dwells in the deepest trench of Karfell's frigid ocean. He made two realms collide just by swinging his Tyrite hammer against the Skyfang Forge. All he wants is to be alone in the wilds, doing things that no one else can do, overcoming greater and greater challenges.

Toralf is the eldest son of Alrund and Cosima, and his father thinks he is wasting his talents. After all, none of the other gods can wield the lethal power of the storm, and if Toralf would just apply himself, that power could help the cause of the Skoti. Toralf pays no heed to his fretting father, causing the rift between them to grow, which has created an uncomfortable division among the rest of the family of gods.

Toralf, God of Fury
Toralf's Hammer
Showcase Toralf, God of Fury
Showcase Toralf's Hammer

Jorn, God of Winter

Jorn is an exceptional tracker who is fascinated by the natural world and spends decades on end alone in the wilds. He can predict storms years before they arrive and can also control the weather around him, but he prefers to let nature take its course while he observes and learns.

When Alrund set out on his quest to fight every Cosmos monster and learn their secrets, the only person he asked for help was his brother Jorn. Only Jorn knew how to find a path through the Cosmos and track the elusive, magical monsters, making him indispensable for Alrund's mission. The two brothers still share a strong bond, and Jorn readily returns from his wandering when the Skoti are in need of his help.

Jorn knows the swiftest, safest paths across every realm (and between the realms), and he can read signs that are invisible to others. He can also talk with all animals, whose company he prefers over gods and humans alike, and often has one or two accompanying him on his travels.

Jorn, God of Winter
Kaldring, the Rimestaff
Showcase Jorn, God of Winter
Showcase Kaldring, the Rimestaff


Orvar, the All-Form

Orvar is one of the oldest and most experienced Covewalkers. Like all his kin, Orvar is capable of changing his shape, preferring marine creatures and water-adjacent humanoids (fishermen, lighthouse keepers, etc.). Orvar has been around for such a long time that he has learned to use his powers in more creative ways. For example, he has learned how to spread his physical form across multiple bodies. As long as he has a reference, he can create "copies" of an observed creature, although the copies are quite literally an extension of himself.

Orvar's intentions are cloaked in mystery. He has spent centuries gathering both knowledge and new forms, but his end goals are unknown. Whenever an ancient tale involves a changeling, it is often secretly about Orvar himself.

Orvar, the All-FormShowcase Orvar, the All-Form

Magda, Brazen Outlaw

After a fight with her family, Magda left Axgard and vowed never to return. In her self-imposed exile, she met other dwarves who had grown disillusioned with dwarven society. Together, they formed a band of outcasts who wander the realms, looting and plundering as they go. They have become notorious as thieves and raiders, and so far, no one has been able to stop them.

At some point in their travels, Magda and her crew discovered an abandoned clutch of dragon eggs. Seeing the benefits of having their own personal dragons, the crew has taken some time off from thievery to care for the eggs. Whether they succeed in taming the beasts when they hatch remains to be seen.

Magda, Brazen OutlawShowcase Magda, Brazen Outlaw

Kardur, Doomscourge

Immersturm's demons are vicious Viking raiders with an unrivaled thirst for destruction. Since the gods laid down the runes that trapped them in the realm, rival demon jarls and their savage legions have been battling constantly, furiously, on the Fields of Elskul. Kardur was one of the fiercest jarls, inspiring terror in the hearts of other demons. Working together, for possibly the first time in history, the other jarls sealed Kardur hundreds of miles deep beneath the earth. He is slowly making his way back up, day by day, inch by inch. When he breaches the surface once again, there will be hell to pay in Immersturm.

Kardur, DoomscourgeShowcase Kardur, Doomscourge

Maja, Bretagard Protector

Maja is the military leader of the Beskir. Her people look up to her to protect their clan, and she has not let them down. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Code of the Clans and commands respect across Bretagard. Many from all five clans come to her to solve their disputes, and she has gained a reputation as a powerful and respected leader, both on and off the battlefield.

Maja, Bretagard ProtectorShowcase Maja, Bretagard Protector

Firja, Judge of Valor

Shepherds are Valkyries who lead the worthy dead to their rightful place in Starnheim. Reapers are Valkyries who claim the lives of the unworthy and drag them to Istfell. Both types of Valkyrie must agree on a fallen warrior's fate before it can be enacted. Firja was a shepherd who was paired with a reaper counterpart. Together, they had to judge a warrior who fled a battle. The reaper argued that this was an irredeemable act of cowardice. Firja, however, experienced a vision. She saw that this warrior was destined for greater things, and this one act of dishonor would spurn them to become one of the greatest fighters in the realm.

The reaper, refusing to acknowledge this vision, prepared to take the warrior's life. Firja, in an unprecedented act, struck the reaper down. As the reaper lay dying, Firja found herself absorbing her essence. A black pair of wings suddenly jutted from her back, accompanying her white ones. She is now one of a kind, the first Valkyrie to be both shepherd and reaper.

She travels the realms alone, with only her own judgment to guide her and the souls of mortals.

Firja, Judge of ValorShowcase Firja, Judge of Valor

Aegar, the Freezing Flame

Kaldar, the king of the fire giants, had a secret affair with one of the frost giant matrons. That affair produced a child: Aegar. Aegar possesses the measured temperament of the frost giants, the combat aptitude of the fire giants, and the elemental prowess of both. Raised among the frost giants, Aegar didn't discover his fire giant ancestry until his powers manifested as an adolescent. He immediately set off on a pilgrimage for the fire giants to find and meet his estranged father. He was met with derision by some of the fire giants, but quickly earned his place by handily defeating those who disparaged him.

After making a scene on his arrival, Kaldar came to investigate. A brief conversation revealed their relationship, and Kaldar was overjoyed to meet the son he didn't know he had. Aegar has found a home for himself in both tribes and hopes to one day unite all of the giants.

Aegar, the Freezing FlameShowcase Aegar, the Freezing Flame

Moritte of the Frost

Moritte is an enigma. A shapeshifter from Littjara, she was born a Gladewalker. While many grown-up shapeshifters leave Littjara to explore the realms, Moritte wanted more knowledge. To reach that end, she took the form of a young Covewalker. Living among the Covewalkers, Moritte absorbed all their knowledge and secrets before vanishing into the mists. She now wanders the realms, the most knowledgeable shapeshifter of all, seeking the solutions to new unanswered questions.

Moritte of the FrostShowcase Moritte of the Frost

Sigrid, God-Favored

Sigrid is the spiritual leader of the Beskir. Long ago, Sigrid's ancestor Hurrik saved the god Alrund's life. As thanks, Alrund gifted the whole of Feltmark to Hurrik and his descendants and gave them his protective blessing. Alrund's word remains true, and Sigrid carries the same blessing. When she was young, she was approached by a Cosmos Bear. It came to her but did not attack. It instead pressed its snout against her forehead, then returned to the forest from which it came. This was seen as a renewal of Alrund's pledge, a sign of the favor of the gods, and an endorsement of Sigrid's leadership.

Sigrid, God-FavoredShowcase Sigrid, God-Favored

Inga Rune-Eyes

The leader of the Omenseekers, Inga is a blind seer who sacrificed her sight to gain a different type of vision. Inga's eyes are clouded over with rune marks, and her mind is inscribed with all the knowledge that her clan has acquired on its seafaring journeys. From her seat at the prow of the longship, Inga can lead her crew to any place an Omenseeker has ever set foot.

Widely respected among her people, there are none who would not lay down their life in order to protect her. Inga is somewhat uncomfortable with this level of devotion, so she uses her gift to best keep her people from harm.

Inga Rune-EyesShowcase Inga Rune-Eyes

Arni Brokenbrow

Leadership among the Tuskeri falls to the clan member who is seen as the strongest, boldest, and most accomplished at any given time. The position of leader can be bestowed as a reward for particularly remarkable feats, which means that the office can pass at any time to the next warrior who achieves something incredible.

The current leader of the Tuskeri clan was formerly known as Arni Goatleaper. When rumor of rampaging trolls reached the Tuskeri, all the warriors clamored for battle. This was their opportunity to gain power, renown, and a proper name. Arni was among those warriors and managed to track the trolls down. He knew he could not beat multiple trolls at once and decided to use something resembling cunning. He looked at the biggest, scariest troll and said, "I challenge you, son of a hairless piglet, to a headbutting contest."

With a little bit of luck (and the blessings of the Tuskeri clerics) Arni came out on top. He found himself with a new title, leadership of the Tuskeri, and a souvenir permanently lodged in his skull.

Arni BrokenbrowShowcase Arni Brokenbrow

Fynn, the Fangbearer

The leader of the Kannah clan is renowned as the only human who has ever managed to wound the Cosmos Serpent. When Fynn stabbed the beast, the great serpent's poisonous blood splashed on him and was absorbed into his body—but rather than killing him, it turned his blood to poison as well. Now his body takes its own corrosive revenge against any enemy who successfully strikes him. As outrageously impossible as Fynn's tale might seem, he proudly carries a shield made from a single scale of the monstrous serpent.

Fynn, the FangbearerShowcase Fynn, the Fangbearer

Narfi, Betrayer King

Generations ago, Narfi was the king of Karfell. Narfi's father had signed a pact with the elves and was rewarded with a magical longship that could bring any number of people between realms. Narfi used the longship to ferry his army to new realms and raid at will. His wealth soon overflowed the Port of Marn, and his treasure and military became famous across the realms.

However, when the elves came to collect on their side of the deal, asking Narfi for his armies in their war against the gods, Narfi refused. He intended to run away, but the elves took back their longship until he agreed to help. That night, a strange visitor came to Narfi and offered his assistance. He would lead the army in Narfi's stead against the elves and, in exchange, he and his people would be protected from death. Narfi agreed. This way, he got to stay out of it and his people (and riches) would be safe. However, as his soldiers fell on the battlefield, they rose once more as draugr. The visitor revealed himself to be Egon, future God of the Dead. Narfi realized that he too had been transformed into an undead—forever safe from a death that never comes.

Hundreds of years later, Narfi is still a cruel king driven by a lust for power and wealth.

Narfi, Betrayer KingShowcase Narfi, Betrayer King

Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire

The Skelle clan became the terrible force it is today under the tutelage of Varragoth, a demon who escaped from Immersturm. Once in Bretagard, he quickly established himself as the leader of the Skelle raiders, who were all too happy to ally themselves with a demon. He led them to Beskir Hall, slaughtering anyone they found along the way. The gods, seeing the violence wrought by this intruder from another realm, stepped in and battled Varragoth for an entire month before finally wrestling him back to Immersturm and restoring the wards meant to keep demons bound there. On Bretagard, the winter season is still known as Bloodsky in memory of the massacre.

Still trapped, Varragoth has not grown complacent. He intends to escape Immersturm and has nursed a grudge against the gods and Bretagard for a century.

Varragoth, Bloodsky SireShowcase Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire

Harald, King of Skemfar

A normal wood elf named Harald, after eating the fruit of a Jaspera tree and sleeping beneath its boughs, had a vision foretelling the rise of a great elven dynasty that would unite all elves under a single banner. Harald became convinced that it was his destiny to bring this vision into reality. After long years of struggle, wood and shadow elves are joined together at last, though their unity is tenuous. Harald, called the Elder, proclaimed himself king of the elves, ruler over all Skemfar.

Some elves believe the Einir imprisoned in the Jaspera tree is guiding Harald's actions. Some even claim that Harald is possessed by the spirit of this ancient elf god. Among those who believe such things, opinions are divided as to whether the involvement of this Einir spirit bodes good or ill for the destiny of the elves.

Under Harald's leadership, the elves are held together by a shared desire to reclaim the power of the Einir and what they believe to be their rightful place as rulers of all the realms. Despite this shared goal, though, old antagonism still simmers just beneath the surface, and it seems clear that Harald is the only tie that truly binds the two elf factions together. If he dies, the shadow elves and wood elves will almost certainly split once more and resume their ancient war.

Harald, King of SkemfarShowcase Harald, King of Skemfar

Koll, the Forgemaster

A talented dwarven smith, Koll had the finest metals in all the realms at his disposal but was never truly satisfied with the quality of his materials. He would constantly leave the safety of the city in search of new ores or rare minerals that might spark his interest. One day, while foraging, Koll was attacked by a Cosmos Monster. He almost lost his life, but the god Halvar intervened and defeated the monster. Where the monster fell, Koll spotted a shining chunk of Tyrite. Halvar tried to stop him, but Koll ran to the material and touched it—transforming his hand into Tyrite itself.

After getting over his initial shock, Koll discovered that his Tyrite hand was able to handle the godly material safely. Out of gratitude, Koll swore that he would forge the Tyrite into the finest blade the realms had ever seen as a gift for Halvar. He worked nonstop for days upon end before emerging from his forge with a blade so sharp it could cut a path between realms—a blade he called the Sword of the Realms.

Koll, the ForgemasterShowcase Koll, the Forgemaster

Lathril, Blade of the Elves

Lathril hails from ancient times, before the elven race was split in two, and represents the apex of elven glory. She was a natural leader and master tactician whose prowess kept the elves in a place of power for eons. Unafraid to wade into the battle personally, she often fought at the head of her forces, dealing death in all directions and rallying her troops to turn even crushing defeat into defiant victory.

"Lathril's Chant," a favorite tale among the elves, tells of Lathril's birth, deeds, and later ascent to godhood after her battle with a mysterious Cosmos Monster called Eidermaw. Some elves believe that her consciousness lingers in one of the Jaspera trees and pray to her faithfully in anticipation of the return of the Einir, the old elven gods who could unite the wood and shadow elves once again.

Lathril, Blade of the Elves

Ranar the Ever-Watchful

In life, Ranar was an honored warrior in service to a noble jarl. During a Doomskar, his kingdom was assaulted by raiders from another realm. The jarl himself led a warband to intercept the raiders' forces, leaving Ranar alone to guard the kingdom's children . . . when the Omenpath closed around the warriors, trapping them in the invaders' realm.

With no one to give him orders and no shieldmates by his side, Ranar refused to abandon his post. He fought off raiders and beasts, hunted for food, and trained the children to protect themselves. When the children were grown, he finally allowed the Valkyries to take him. They named him the guardian of Istfell and tasked him to keep watch over the gates of the spirit realm as nobly as he guarded those children for so many years.

Ranar the Ever-Watchful


Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider

Vorinclex is a praetor of New Phyrexia. He despises the concept of sentience and wants the multiverse to operate solely on the roles of predator and prey—survival of the fittest for all. When Elesh Norn gained the upper hand on the other praetors, she knew Vorinclex would be the easiest to influence, as his desires were the basest of the praetors.

Why Vorinclex arrived in Kaldheim is currently unknown, but the purposes are certainly nefarious. The method he used to travel between planes is also a mystery. Vorinclex's organic parts were destroyed in the journey, leaving only metal and bone. An inquisitive stag sniffing around his remains was enough raw material to begin crafting a new body, and Vorinclex slowly made his way up the forest food chain until he had created a form he found satisfactory.

Vorinclex, Monstrous RaiderShowcase Vorinclex, Monstrous RaiderPhyrexian Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider

Vega, the Watcher

A spy for the gods, Vega is a spirit owl who spends most of her time in the roots of the World Tree near the Gods' Hall. After Valki tricked Toralf into dragging the Hall across the realms, the gods really weren't keen on having it happen again. Should anything abnormal happen here, Vega would immediately report to Kolvori.

Vega, the WatcherShowcase Vega, the Watcher

Svella, Ice Shaper

Most trolls aren't particularly smart, but Svella the Ice Shaper is different. She possesses magical abilities and a sophisticated love of art. An outcast from all troll clans, she wanders Gnottvold creating mystical sculptures out of ice. Her masterpiece is a replica of the standing stones of Karo Glade, imbued with a magic no other troll could understand. She is quite lonely and would like nothing more than to meet another art lover.

Svella, Ice ShaperShowcase Svella, Ice Shaper

Toski, Bearer of Secrets

Toski is a mischievous squirrel who serves as a messenger for Esika, the god of the World Tree. Though he is tiny (especially compared with some of the other Cosmos monsters), he scampers with unbelievable speed along the World Tree to carry messages between realms. His small size allows him to observe events in all the realms and prize out secrets which he then carries back to Esika.

Toski doesn't speak. He and Esika communicate by a mysterious form of telepathy, ensuring that the secrets Toski brings to the god remain exactly that.

Toski, Bearer of SecretsShowcase Toski, Bearer of Secrets

Hakka, Whispering Raven

Alrund has a great affinity for ravens, which he uses as messengers and spies. He can grant a raven the ability to fly between realms to carry his messages and seek out secrets. Hakka is Alrund's favorite raven, and personal familiar. Much like Alrund, Hakka has a single glowing eye and shimmers with an iridescent light. Hakka spends most of his time perched on Alrund's shoulders, whispering the secrets the other ravens have gathered into his master's ear. However, when Alrund needs something done without fail, he will send Hakka to do the job.

Hakka, Whispering Raven
Alrund, God of the Cosmos
Showcase Hakka, Whispering Raven
Showcase Alrund, God of the Cosmos

Sarulf, Realm Eater

The giant wolf Sarulf carved a swathe of destruction as he wandered the realms. Working together, the gods and the dwarves captured him on Axgard. Sarulf was trapped in a cavern and bound with eight magical chains. But his incessant howling was intolerable to the dwarves, and they demanded that the gods find another place to imprison the wolf. While he was being transported to Littjara, Sarulf escaped, and he now wanders free in the Cosmos.

Sarulf, Realm EaterShowcase Sarulf, Realm Eater

Koma, Cosmos Serpent

The Cosmos Serpent is the first and oldest of the Cosmos monsters. His true size is unknown because he can divide himself into multiple smaller segments that move independently around the World Tree.

Most of the Cosmos monsters are free to enter any realm. But when the Skoti overthrew the Einir gods, they also prohibited the Cosmos Serpent they revered from entering any of the realms. Perhaps they were afraid that Koma would enter Skemfar and free the imprisoned Einir, or maybe they feared that the immense serpent would eventually grow large enough that no realm could contain him. In any case, the elves, who continue to worship Koma, believe that his banishment harms the World Tree. Restless outside the realms, Koma's agitation is destabilizing the tree, causing a dangerous increase in Doomskars. The elves believe that unless the Cosmos Serpent is free to roam the realms, the World Tree will surely die—and all the realms with it.

Koma, Cosmos SerpentShowcase Koma, Cosmos Serpent

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