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"Starting Magic: The Gathering in My Late Twenties" By Dreion

Starting Magic: The Gathering in My Late Twenties

The Magic: The Gathering has been around for ages but I never really got the chance to try it out myself until last week. The push to actually dive into the game was caused by a few friends getting free welcome decks from the local tabletop game store. I’ve always found the game interesting and seeing how curious I was, they goaded me into getting my own free pack of cards. The first taste is free as they say and only a few days into the hobby, I’ve already bought a bunch of accessories and booster packs.

Went full edgy with Black/Red

The game is almost as old as I am, with a massive following of players (also called planeswalkers) from all around the globe. People participate in regular events and tournaments to compete, meet new friends and collect cards. Despite being a newbie at Magic, seeing someone play now gives me the same giddy feeling I get whenever I see someone playing a video game I really like.

Aurum Hunters – the ones I blame for getting me hooked on paper crack

Some of the veteran players I’ve met actively dissuaded me from playing because of how much of a resource sink Magic can be. Getting the perfect build for a deck would usually require one to buy one high value card or worse, a whole bunch of said cards. Although I haven’t reached that point yet (hopefully never), I’ve already thrown a considerable amount of money at the hobby to buy myself some card sleeves, a deck box, two booster packs and a pre-order for a bundle of the newest “set” of cards that will release this Friday.

My first two booster packs.

I’d like to justify this spike in spending with the fact that I’ve been really rigid with my spending for the past four months. I’ve only bought a few games and a model kit or two since 2019 started. Pay me no mind though, as I’m only trying not to get frustrated at my lack (or momentary loss) of self restraint.

The Professor from Tolarian Community College really loves this deck box, so I bought myself one. Really wanted a black one too, but I’d have to punch myself if I bought two.

I probably won’t be able to compete at a professional level and I might have to take a break for some time in the future, but I’m still glad I finally know how to play Magic. I’ve always respected tabletop players because of their patience in dealing with convoluted rules and mechanics and now I get to experience the mental mess myself. At least I now have something else to do when the power is out.

Many thanks to my friends from my local hunting guild Aurum for teaching me how to play and to our local game store Affinity Games for helping me get into Magic: The Gathering.

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