Ral Doubles Combo By LimitlessMTG

Ral Doubles Combo By LimitlessMTG

Hey guys! Tristan here and I've yet again scoured the interwebs for another cool fun combo you can play in Arena or your local FNM.

So today's deck is centered around this card: Ral, Storm Conduit from War of the Spark
Ral, Storm Conduit

This izzet planeswalker allows you to scry 1 each turn, or copy the next instant or sorcery you play that turn. Let's not forget the static ability that has been a focus of a lot of combos. 

Each time you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell, Ral deals 1 damage to target opponent or planeswalker. 

This static ability is amazing for eliminating your opponents planeswalkers or your opponent themselves. 

So let me ask this question..
What's better than 1 Ral? MORE RALS!

Yes, more Ral on the board equals more damage per instant or sorcery spell, more scry, and more copy spell shenanigans. 

So without further ado, I present to you: Ral Doubles!

Ral Double Visual Decklist

This is a deck I found played by Mono Black MTG. It looked like a fun deck and I got hooked. 

So how do we get more than 1 Ral Storm Conduit on the board? 
The answer likes in the creature: Spark Double

Spark double can copy Ral and because its not legendary, you can have as many copies as you have spark doubles. I've managed to play 5 Rals in one game. Insane? You tell me. 

Now what do you do when you got 2-5 Rals on the battlefield?

Double Bond of Flourishing gains you 3 life and a permanent per copy.. This allows you to dig up for more spark doubles or lands. 

Karn's temporal sundering is legal in Best of 1, if you're gonna play in traditional standard (Best of 3) then I suggest Nexus of Fate :)
Pretty much gain a bunch more turns to do what you gotta do..

The deck consists of utility cards like Narset, Parter of Veils; Fblhtp, the lost which allows us to dig for cards as well as Finale of Devastation which for a total of 6 mana allows us to look for Spark doubles..

Need I mention that if we -2 Ral, we get more copies of this spell? Allowing us to get more spark doubles and they enter copying ral? 

That pretty much seals the game. With a lot of Rals on the board, its only a matter of time before you ping your opponent to death by just spamming utility spells. 

Its a fun deck to play! This was designed for Best of 1 but if you do wanna bring it to your local FNM, I'd put in Expansion // Explosion for an additional combo or transformational sideboard.

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