Mythic Championship 3 White Weenie and You!

Mythic Championship 3 White Weenie and You!

Week 2 Ideas

Lets start this week off with a video as Joe describes different versions of Mono White aggro at the Mythic Championship in Las Vegas this past weekend.

Mono White has been the premier aggro deck of the format due to the powerful ability to put pressure on the opponent rather quickly.  Last week I discussed reasons to keep the deck mono color to avoid unnecessary losses due to color issues and curve development.  This week I will go over reasons why you can splash a color if the meta game shifts and cite examples from this past weekends events.

Azorious Aggro 

Azorius Aggro


This was the best performing version of the deck at the event and eventually lost a close game three to miss out on the Top 4 to Semic.  There are some interesting choices made in regards to the sideboard configuration.  Normally you will see a suite of Spell Pierce, Dovin's Veto.  This version chose to cut on counter spells for more impact board control cards with Deputy of Detention and Teferi, Time Raveler.

I can agree that this might be the best when your main deck configuration is all already optimal with the standard package with 18-21 One Drops.  One decision is the main deck inclusion of 2 Baffling End, which means they really wanted to shut down opposing creatures game 1.  Overall, I feel that this version was well positioned to make a deep run at the event and narrowly fell short to variance.

Boros Aggro

Boros Aggro

The rest of the competitors chose to play a boros version of the deck splashing for Experimental Frenzy, Tibalt, Rakish Instigator and Heroic Reinforcements.  I find this to be really tough even though this list performed well at the Star City Games Invitational.  I think letting games go long will no longer be how we sideboard for tough grindy match ups.  Instead we should focus on tempo type swings to close games out fast.  I still have a place in my heart for Heroic Reinforcements and closing opponents out of games quickly and maybe with Core 2020's release, we could see another meta game shift.

Hope you enjoyed the game play and please leave any questions down below.  

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